About us

Please enjoy nice wine and music. Life is to short for anyhing else.

This site is about telling news and some gossip about the audio and music market. Everything is very personal.

If you like to read about my venture around audio design, please check here!

Lauri Pappinen

My background is that I got my first soldering iron 1963 and later in 1974 I became an engineer in electronics.
I worked some time with analog equipment and A/D converters but swithced to the computer market for a few years.
I started the first computer magazine in Sweden 1978 and managed the first computer store in Stockholm. I started the first computer book publishing in Sweden as well.
Around year 2000 I founded the first commercial vineyard with wine production (in Sweden) and destillery on the island of Gotland.
Before I became an engineer I did some DIY around speakers and amplifiers.
So in a way I am back where I started.
Audio and wine is a kind of passion for me. I enjoy and consume only nice performence of music and wine. Life is to short for anything else.
(Take care of yourself)